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In Our Sight...

In memoriam of our great friend,


July 7, 1997  -  March 7, 2013

Jake blessed our lives for 15 years and 8 months, to the day.  He was truly a gift from God and his impact on our lives will never be forgotten.  From the puppy farm in Ware, MA, where we were fortunate to have found him, to his final days in the heart of Kentucky bluegrass country in Lexington, he made every day special in some way.

Jake was family since he was just a few weeks old.  In 1997, we moved for a career opportunity to Boston from Tennessee.  Uprooting a family can be difficult, but our move to the far northeast was especially challenging at the beginning.

After a couple of months and given our previous great experience with Golden Retrievers, we decided to check out some puppies for our new home.  While visiting a wonderful “puppy farm” in Central Massachusetts, we noticed this one little guy who kept chasing a cat twice his size around the yard.  We decided he was the one for us.  From that very moment, Jake became the focal point of much of our activity and made our house a home in this new city. 

We moved to Lexington from Boston in 2001.  Jake, who is a true Kentucky Wildcat fan, became a fixture along the streets and trails of Beaumont Reserve for almost 12 years.   Until his last couple of years, Jake’s walks were often for miles at a time.  He loved chasing rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs along “the trail” and checking out his fellow human and canine neighbors.  Jake loved his “chew treats” after each venture outside and sharing cinnamon toast each morning (see photo below).   Cold weather was his favorite and he absolutely loved to play in the snow. 

By all estimates, The Jakester lived to be a rather old fella.  His walks had shortened to just a few blocks and he needed support from his mom and dad to get around.  Nevertheless, he still loved life and people, especially his brother and sisters (our children), right up until the end of his life.  

Like most Golden Retrievers, Jake was a patient and loving guy, especially with our grandchildren (his nephews and nieces) climbing over him when he would try to sleep.  He did like to trick us occasionally, however.  When asked to show his “mean face”, his look would turn to that of a vicious attack dog, showing teeth and making a seething, snarling sound that would concern anyone (see photos below).  It was all in fun though and he would quickly return to the guy we all knew and loved.

Jake had other characteristics that we believe made him unique.  He loved to help open packages or dive down into a bag to see what it might have to offer.  He also had a rather uncanny ability to understand many of our conversations. 

Often when kids would see him coming, they would run to get a moment with this special guy.  Neighbors often  stopped us, saying what a true inspiration to “keep going” he was to folks around the neighborhood. 

We are so thankful to have had this amazing creature as part of our family and we were certainly blessed with his presence for almost 16 years.   Most of all,  Jake was a great friend... always there with an encouraging wagging of his tail or that inquisitive look that brought a smile to one’s face, no matter the challenges of the world around us.

We loved this special guy and miss him more than the written word can adequately express.

The Life and Times of  “ The Jakester”