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Lord of the Arctic... there is little doubt who is in charge in the frozen Arctic.  Being the world’s largest land carnivore, the Polar Bear’s title is well deserved.  

During October and November, hundreds of polar bears congregate along the shores of the Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba.  They gather there waiting for the Bay to freeze so they can begin hunting seals once again, as it has been some time since they have eaten normal meals.   The outfitter, Churchill Wild, provides a unique opportunity to photograph these bears at ground level in the pristine surroundings and rather breathtaking landscapes along the Bay near Seal River.

As fascinating as the various species of wildlife around the world are, for me there are none like Polar Bears and Brown Bears.  Their beauty, personality, curiosity, size, strength and speed keep them at the very top of my wildlife experiences.


On the Ground with Polar Bears

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Lord of the Arctic

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