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“The Final Crossing”

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The Mara River is infested with crocodiles.  Because it is part of the migration path in the Northern Serengeti, wildebeest and zebra cross the river as they follow their food source in the annual ritual.

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River is one of the most phenomenal scenes of nature I have witnessed.  The gallery is entitled “The Final Crossing” for obvious reason... for the half dozen wildebeest of the hundreds and hundreds of those participating in this particular crossing that did not make it... for the ones who were most unfortunate and were selected by the predators for a takedown.  Each time I work with the 1,200 or so photos that were taken during this crossing, I get an ill feeling toward the end, as I watch a wildebeest fight the good fight, a struggle that lasted some 10 - 12 minutes as he tried to pull free from the incessant pursuit of a half dozen crocs that had zeroed in on him.  His herd had cleared the river and this guy had been snagged just before he climbed out and up the opposite bank.  During the struggle, the crocs seemed to toy with him until the final moments when they finished the kill.  Most of the photos remain in my external hard drive, exactly where they belong.  They will remain there until whatever happens to old digital images... happens.

In the final photo of this gallery, the eyes of the wildebeest say it all.